What to do on a Rainy Day at the Beach

Well, I am back on my theme of making the best of unfriendly weather.  We arrived at St Augustine Beach ready for Florida beach weather and were greeted with gray skies and rain.  All the locals were happy because they have been in drought conditions but don’t they know we’re on vacation?

For some people, bad weather is good news as you see with the surfers out on this ugly day.  The waves were breaking all around which made for good surfing even if the rest of us were wishing for sunny skies.  Things have gotten more to our liking and we’ve been able to see lots of interesting stuff but on this day, I had to look hard for a good subject.

Nikon D7100
Tamron 16-300 Di II VC PZD Macro
110mm @ f16 –  1/100 sec – ISO 400


It’s just a little bit further…

I don’t know how many times I heard this phrase when on the way up the trail to see Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.  Honestly, it was Much More than a little bit further!  I guess I mis-read the information on this trail.  I swear it said easy hike, about 1/2 a mile.  Well, it is more like a mile and a half and it’s a steep incline with a few spots where the trail gets very narrow and close to the edge.

I was determined to get up there and see this icon of Utah.  I mean, this thing is on the state license plates.  Unfortunately, this was another one of those days when it was threatening to rain and my very practical wife was questioning the wisdom of hiking out to the middle of nowhere with those dark clouds moving closer and closer.  I pushed on by myself, sure that this natural delight was just around the corner but, as the trail got steeper, I still couldn’t see anything.

RMNP_May 07 2016_1069-PANO-001
This is the view about half-way down the trail – I’m not kidding about steep

I actually turned around at one point where I was sure I either lost the trail or it was just going to take too long.  After walking back down for a few minutes, I saw Joyce walking up to meet me.  We decided we had come this far so, why not keep going and finally made it to our destination.  Of course, there were a bunch of people scattered all over the place and even on this stormy evening, photographers were set up everywhere.

I understand there is an observation point below the arch where you can just drive up and see it from the parking area.  If you’re not up for a substantial hike, you might want to try that.  I can only say that if you go to Arches National Park, make sure you see this.  It is worth the effort.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping your eyes open at all times.  While the arch we were going to see is amazing, I think I got my best images on the trail when coming back down.  You might think that a rocky, desert trail is kind of boring but it is really amazing and at sunset on a stormy evening.  Wow!!

RMNP_May 07 2016_1087
Easy walking where the trail levels out and look at that sunset