Yes, I do like suet

It was not until recently that we started hanging suet feeders and keeping them stocked.  It has certainly gotten us a wide variety of birds that prefer this over the seed feeders.  The bluebird is one of our regular visitors that will take a variety of foods but definitely likes the suet.

Woodpeckers are definitely fans but we also see some of the larger birds like Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Brown Thrashers swinging from the suet cage and pulling chunks of that block out and enjoying it.  My only struggle with the suet is keeping the squirrels away.  They love it and will hang there all day trying to get the last morsel out.  The only thing that seems to keep them off is cayenne pepper.  We have been buying a variety of suet but the type with the pepper mixed in is the only one that the squirrels don’t wolf down.

Eastern Bluebird
(Sialia sialis)
Roswell, Georgia, USA

Nikon D7100
Vanguard Altra Pro 263 AT tripod
Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2
600mm @ f/6.3 – 1/80 sec – ISO 640