Besides waterfalls…

The scenery at Cloudland Canyon State Park is amazing.  Most people remember the fantastic mountain views through the gorge and out into the distance.  The waterfalls are beautiful and peaceful but what else is there?  Well, for one thing, there is a beautiful variety of mountain streams and glades of tress that make you feel like you’re somewhere far away from civilization.

This spot is just a little downstream from Cherokee Falls but the moss-covered boulders and the contrast between the dark shadows and bright light made me feel like I was lost in a primeval forest.  It’s nice to lose yourself in a quiet little pocket of nature even if it really is only a few steps away from the busy world we fight through each day.

Cloudland Canyon State Park
Rising Fawn, Georgia, USA

Nikon D7100
Vanguard Altra Pro 263 AT tripod
Tamron SP 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC
31mm @ f/18 – 1/4 sec – ISO 200


Triple Falls

Three for the price of one! Little River cascades down three steps at this point.

Continuing my story of our visit to DuPont State Forest in North Carolina with the North Georgia Photography Club

DuPont_2016 07 23_0046After visiting Hooker Falls we came back down the path toward the parking area and crossed the footbridge over the Little River to follow Triple Falls Trail.  A short walk along the river brings you to the falls.

Viewing Triple Falls

There is an overlook where you can get a view of the whole of the 3 falls as the water cascades down a 120 foot drop.  Even if you have never been here before, you may be familiar with the landscape of DuPont State Forest.  Triple Falls along with , Hooker, High and Bridal Veil falls were featured in the movies: Last of the Mohicans (1992) and The Hunger Games (2012).

DuPont_2016 07 23_0054
Triple falls from overlook

Just beyond the overlook, are stairs to descend to the base of the second falls where the water reaches a large flat, rocky plateau before taking the final plunge as it cuts through the Blue Ridge forest land.  The plateau allows close access to the falls and provides some nice ponds that reflect the white water as it crashes against the stone.

Triple Falls
DuPont State Recreational Forest
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Nikon D7100
Tamron 16-300 Di II VC PZD Macro
Featured image: 26mm at f/11 – 1/10 sec – ISO 100

Hooker Falls

First of 3 sets of waterfalls that we saw at DuPont Forest in North Carolina.

On Saturday, I went with my wife Joyce, daughter Kathleen and the North Georgia Photography Club to DuPont State Forest in North Carolina.  DuPont is located pretty much mid-way between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Hooker Falls is one of four sets of falls on the Little River.  We visited three of the four on this trip.

DuPont_2016 07 23_0019_20_21HDRArrive Early for best experience

We started fairly early, around 7:30am and stayed for about 3 hours in all.  Arriving at the Hooker Falls parking area, it was a short 1/4 mile hike to the falls.  There was one family at the falls when we arrived so, it was easy to spread out and enjoy the view.

It’s always best to go early when shooting waterfalls.  The light gets way too harsh when the sun is high in the sky.  I would certainly recommend that if you want to visit the falls here you get in early or you will also experience increasingly hot temperatures and larger crowds as the day moves on.  By the time we left, around 10:30, the parking lot had no spaces left and the temperature was over 90º.

Hooker Falls

DuPont State Recreational Forest
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Nikon D7100
Tamron 16-300 Di II VC PZD Macro
Featured image: 16mm at f/22 – 0.8 sec – ISO 100