Caring for clothing

In each of the historic homes that we visit with the Roswell Photographic Society each year, there is some kind of sewing room or at least a corner of a room dedicated to this.  It makes me realize how much things have changed related to clothing over time.  Obviously, if you have rooms dedicated to weaving cloth, sewing garments, and mending the wear and tear that these clothes take over time, that whole process is a major part of everyday life.

Today, we purchase and discard clothing so readily it seems that while fashion still concerns us, we don’t dedicate much time or effort to creating or maintaining the clothes we wear.  Our consumer society has separated us from the “hands on” process of being connected to these things, because we have invested our time and effort into them, and caused us to regard them as things to be bought and discarded without caring that much.

I don’t really wish to return to the days when we had to spin our own yarn, weave our own cloth and sew each item of clothing by hand.  I do wish that we could find a way to put more value and care into the things that we own and use so that we don’t treat our world as inconsequential and disposable.  Don’t lose sight of the value of things.  Remember the time when people couldn’t just run out to the store and grab something but had to work hard for the basics.  Stop now and then and be thankful.

Barrington Hall
Roswell, Georgia

Nikon D7100
Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 tripod
Tamron SP 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC
200mm @ f/16 – 1/25 sec – ISO 640

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Author: stgrundy

Photography is my way to capture and share the amazing beauty of God’s handiwork in the people and places that I experience every day. I focus mainly on nature and travel subjects but also do alot of event work for my church and the occasional wedding or portrait session. My residence is Roswell, Georgia – a northern suburb of Atlanta. I try to get around the Southeast as often as possible and would love to explore other parts of the USA and the rest of the world. Member of: Roswell Photographic Society Contributing artist: Getty Images

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