Kitchen entertainment

One of the things I will always remember about my grandmother’s kitchen is the ever-present sound of the clock-radio.  The kitchen was the center of the house and my “Meme” was almost always in that room or moving through it.  The radio was on most of that time and she was usually humming or softly singing along with it.  Music or news would stream out as a constant backdrop to daily life and even if you were not really paying attention, it always seemed to be there.

Today, we seem to have digitalized all of our news and entertainment and that space on the counter is no longer reserved for the clock-radio.  I find that I still try to have that music-track for life going in some way even if the radio isn’t there to be turned on.  I feel kind of lonely if I’m not hearing the news on the TV or music streaming from some device.  And sometimes when I have my digital entertainment playing, I remember the sound of that radio and my grandmother singing and feel very much at home.

Kitchen Clock-Radio
Archibald Smith Plantation Home – Roswell, Georgia

Nikon D7100
Vanguard Altra Pro 263 AT tripod
Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF Micro-Nikkor
105mm @ f/22 –  0.6 sec – ISO 200


Author: stgrundy

Photography is my way to capture and share the amazing beauty of God’s handiwork in the people and places that I experience every day. I focus mainly on nature and travel subjects but also do alot of event work for my church and the occasional wedding or portrait session. My residence is Roswell, Georgia – a northern suburb of Atlanta. I try to get around the Southeast as often as possible and would love to explore other parts of the USA and the rest of the world. Member of: Roswell Photographic Society Contributing artist: Getty Images

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