A bronze and iron sculpture by Michael Dillon. Part of the Arts around Roswell exhibit.


A few weeks ago, Joyce and I went out for a walk by the Chattahoochee River.  Along the way, we noticed a large sculpture placed along the sidewalk and stopped to take a look.  There was a plaque next to the artwork that gave a little information and said that this was part of an exhibit of art around my hometown that I had not known about.  Of course, that meant I had a quest to find the rest of them!

(See my earlier post: Hiding under a Bridge for another image from this walk.)

I went online and found the Art around Roswell website where they have a map of all the installations and set out to find them all.  I have to say that the map is a bit vague in some cases.  Many of the sculptures are easily seen upon approach to the area they are placed in and others require some searching.  They are all however, worth the effort to go see up close and appreciate.


Art around Roswell_2016 07 17_0003
“Avian” – by Michael Dillon

First on the list, is a bronze and iron sculpture by artist, Michael Dillon.  (All of the works in this exhibit are by local artists.)  This piece is a large bronze wing mounted on a forged staff.  The wing actually swivels 360º to turn with the wind and give people a different view with the changing weather.

The sculpture is located along the lake across from the public pool and next to the Visual Arts Center.  It stands on a stretch of ground that juts out into the lake toward the fountain out in the center of the water.

Michael Dillon operates a blacksmith shop – Dillon Forge located in Crabapple, Georgia.  He makes pieces both functional and artistic from iron, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.  He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and the Kansas City Art Institute and has been working in the North Georgia area for over 20 years.

Art around Roswell_2016 07 17_0009
Ducks admiring the artwork at the lake

by Michael Dillon
Bronze and Iron

Sculpture #1
Art around Roswell exhibit
Roswell Area Park, at the lake
Roswell, Georgia, USA

Nikon D7100
Tamron 16-300 Di II VC PZD Macro

Author: stgrundy

Photography is my way to capture and share the amazing beauty of God’s handiwork in the people and places that I experience every day. I focus mainly on nature and travel subjects but also do alot of event work for my church and the occasional wedding or portrait session. My residence is Roswell, Georgia – a northern suburb of Atlanta. I try to get around the Southeast as often as possible and would love to explore other parts of the USA and the rest of the world. Member of: Roswell Photographic Society Contributing artist: Getty Images

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