Hiding under a Bridge

Why do we both fear and crave dark, closed off spaces?


What is it about the underside of bridges that can both draw you in and scare you away?  There is shade from the sun but also dark shadows which could hide unknown dangers.  You can look out at the world passing by and somehow be shielded from it.

When you seek out a cool, protected spot to relax and enjoy the day, are you hiding?  The fairy stories of old spoke of Trolls hiding under bridges waiting for unsuspecting people to pass by so that they could jump out and attack them.  Why is it that we both fear and desire the cave-like environment that is present here?  Maybe it is the unknown that we feel both frightened and thrilled by.  But, how can we ever know anything new if we don’t risk the unknown?

It seems that the feelings we get from a place are mostly in our heads.  Where ever we go, we bring our emotions with us.  If we are cowardly hiding from the world a spot under the bridge is a cave that shuts others out.  If we are bravely seeking adventure, it is a mysterious land to be explored.  Or if you are like me, it is simply a break from the heat and a place to stop and watch the world float by on a lazy Saturday morning.  The place does not create our emotions, we project what is in our minds onto what we see.  So you decide if you will be the coward, the hero or the happy wanderer.

Daily Prompt: Cowardice

Under the Bridge
Along the Chattahoochee River
near Roswell Riverside Park
Roswell, Georgia, USA

Nikon D7000
Tamron 16-300 Di II VC PZD Macro

#Atlanta #ATL #ChattahoocheeRiver #RoswellRiversidePark #Roswell #Georgia #bridge #river #shade #trolls

Author: stgrundy

Photography is my way to capture and share the amazing beauty of God’s handiwork in the people and places that I experience every day. I focus mainly on nature and travel subjects but also do alot of event work for my church and the occasional wedding or portrait session. My residence is Roswell, Georgia – a northern suburb of Atlanta. I try to get around the Southeast as often as possible and would love to explore other parts of the USA and the rest of the world. Member of: Roswell Photographic Society Contributing artist: Getty Images

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